Colourful cuteness in a non-violent "shoot-em-up"-style game. 

Wiggly Worm throws ("shoots") rocks at falling fruit to get points, and changes colour whenever Wiggly connects with a fruit.


Hit the "Let's Snack" button to start the game, and the "I'm Full" button to end it.

Move Wiggly with the Arrow keys or ASWD (left, down, up, right), and throw/shoot with the Space key or Left Mouse-click. These instructions are also on the Play screen.

Have fun :)


For MiniJam62 (theme "Colors"; limitation "two-frame animation"), September 2020.


Artwork by Enjaku, done in Aseprite
Coding by Rainsong, done in ct.js
Music by Rainsong, done in Beepbox

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