Entry for Ludum Dare 47 - theme: Stuck in a Loop
Team members: Draconimous (art), Keravon (art and sound), and Rainsong (coding)

SpaceCat is defending traveling the galaxy, fending off Toast-Dogs, Vacuum Cleaners, and rogue Balls of Yarn...and whenever he hits the Yarneroid Belt, he is thrown back through a rainbow portal to the spot where he started from.

ASWD and/or arrow keys to move; space bar or left-mouse to shoot

My family has been making jokes about "really getting into the theme" with all the looping back and re-coding I've been doing while making this game.

Software used:
Game engine: ct.js
Pixel Art: Aseprite, Pyxel Edit
Music: BeepBox.co
Sound Effects: Famitracker

Made withct.js, PixiJS
Average sessionA few seconds