The original version of this wasn't as fun as it could be, so I've updated it based on feedback during the jam (MiniJam 74: Chaos). It no longer qualifies under the jam limitations because of the Play button.

Sooo, you waited too long to start studying for that Chaos Theory maths exam, eh? Cramming the night before, and starting to hallucinate, the equations are taunting you, you can hear your professor mocking you, and you seem to have turned into a butterfly....

This game is a SHMUP, but with unusual inputs:

There's now a Play button that can be clicked on to start, or to re-start.

Player movement is on the X-axis only (that is, left and right), using the X and P keys.

Press the Space bar/key to shoot.

And, the player character now loses health when struck by the math things, so five hits will end the game.

Voice- Enjaku, using Reaper software
Coding- Rainsong, using ct.js engine
Art- Rainsong, using Affinity Designer software